The Kindred Studio brings a huge collection of Little & Lively’s teens t-shirts, tops and winter wear. We do everything in-house. Design, fabrication and supplying clothes for kids. Do not go further than us to shop for teenagers.


Teens love t-shirts. And why should they not? Be it any season, t-shirts are the safest option to wear and flaunt the looks. Easy to put on and off, one can simply run dozens of errands without feeling uneasy.

The Kindred Studio hears the youth out and offers a huge selection of cool t-shirts from Little & Lively. These t-shirts are made of ethically-sourced bamboo fabric. From plain to printed t-shirts; half to full sleeves, there are plenty of options for teenagers.

Some of the youth long sleeve t-shirts have a fleece lining that can be worn as a pullover in winters. With colours like red, green, black, white and beige, you can coordinate with matching youth bottoms and you’re good to go.

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Winters can be cruel but you can beat it in style. Our made in Canada t-shirts for teenagers are a great choice to make. They are made of fleece that traps the body heat and keeps you warm for many hours.

Wear it indoors or while hanging out with friends, family. The long sleeve t-shirts are designed to make teens look smart and feel cozy even if it rains or is windy outside. 

That’s not all. The Little & Lively t-shirts have trendy designs you won’t find anywhere else. Discover t-shirts printed with toadstools, fairies, books and other attractive features.

Look effortlessly stylish this winter!

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The reason why teens’ wardrobe is full of t-shirts is that they are a versatile styling option. Wear it in summer or colder months, there’s a t-shirt out there for growing girls and boys.

What marks the territory for The Kindred Studio is the detailed work that goes into engineering. Our in-house team is meticulous in designing and fabricating teens t-shirts that amp their style quotient without sacrificing the quality.

Whatever be the occasion, the Little & Lively t-shirts allow the wearer to look cool, comfortable and confident. There are so many designs and colours that you do not have to look further than us.

Browse and buy what appeals to the teens.


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Everybody craves family vacations, especially Christmas. How about doing something different this year? Wear family t-shirts! Yes, the Kindred Studio has cool t-shirts for teens and adults too.

Discover a wide variety that suits the personality of people of all ages. Twin with your siblings, parents or even grandparents. It can be so much fun and shows your close bonding and togetherness. 

Pose for family pics or just chill out decorating the home for Christmas celebrations. Keep checking the space for festive discounts. 

Discover a matching pair of t-shirts with mommy or daddy.

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    • Who can wear the teens’ t-shirts?

Growing kids of the age, from 7 to 14 years, can wear the t-shirts. We have t-shirts for teen girls and boys. There are many unisex t-shirts too. So, do not think twice and shop at the Kindred Studio.

    • Where can I wear the long sleeve t-shirts?

Teens can wear the long sleeve t-shirts while going out with family, friends or even lounging. It is about the personal choice and comfort of the wearer. We are sure your teenage son or girl will find the perfect t-shirt here.

    • Will the t-shirts lose colour after washing?

Our t-shirts are of premium quality and promise you durability for years. Having said that, we recommend you to follow the washing instructions label. Also, there are some useful tips to prevent colour fading of clothes.

      • Use cold water always
      • Turn the t-shirt inside out
      • Wash like clothes together
      • Avoid using bleach


    • Can you personalize t-shirts?

The Kindred Studio is known for many such exciting promotions as the one you asked for. We use our facility to manufacture personalized shirts with a name or image of your choice. It happens twice a year. Sign up for our e-Newsletter so that you don't miss the next announcement.