Where it’s made: a look inside The Kindred Clothing Co.

We're open - Come on in!


We’ve unpacked boxes, filled the inventory shelf, and increased our Oldhand and Duft & Co. consumption. We hosted a crazy wonderful grand opening with the support of our neighbours and all of you!

I think it’s safe to say we’ve settled in to our new home on Montrose Avenue in beautiful downtown Abbotsford.

So much planning and renovations went into the space — everything from floors and paint to team management systems. We had to decide on it all! Now we’re here, and we wanted to pull back the curtain on our day to day operations in case you missed our open house.

Ever wonder where your geometric T-rex raglan pullover actually comes from? Or where the design process takes place? For a long time this was out of our home and it worked really well, until it didn’t.

So come with us on this journey as we grow into our new space, while sticking to our forever fundamentals of family and community.


A growing family: meet the team

You already know me, my husband Jordan, and our two little but fierce ladies. We’re the family behind Little & Lively and The Kindred Clothing Co.

But more operations means more hands on deck. So we’ve brought on some stellar folks to expand The Kindred Clothing Co. family.

JoJo’s been with us for over a year now, and she’s become a pro. She’s behind each and every order that leaves the store, making sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Taylor takes care of the final touches on each item: processing and pressing graphics, and shooting some stellar photos. Jess comes in twice a week to lend a hand in the boutique and lend her crafty way with words to our social media.

Together they take care of the day to day and keep this place running smoothly.


From our place to yours: order fulfillment

It starts when you click checkout.

Actually, it starts before that. We keep an eye on those carts you may have forgotten about, on inventory levels – letting you know when we restock – and on your order until it gets to your door. We package, label, and send each item out, or prep it for local pickup in the boutique.

When it comes to order fulfillment we’re hands on in the studio. You can be sure you’re talking to one of us when you have a question.


Bringing it together: garment production

We make everything in house! Your favourite graphics, like the Geometric T-rex or Jade Mermaid, are all pressed here in the studio.

We iron each pair of Finger Painted Dot leggings and every Light Grey Buffalo Plaid sun bonnet. We carefully fold and tag each ladies T-shirt dress.

Then they go up on the inventory wall — a thing of organizational beauty for filling orders and keeping the boutique stocked.

Come down to the studio and meet the people behind that raglan pullover your little loves so much.


Keeping in touch: communication central

I’ll admit a lot of the communication still happens in those pockets of time when the girls are napping or after bedtime.

I find time when I can to stay in touch with you, and keep things running smooth throughout the business. But the bulk of communication – social media content, newsletters, customer responses, etc. – happens in the studio.

When everyone’s in-house working together the creative magic really starts to flow. We can’t wait to share our new ideas with you.


Get it now: boutique retail space

So much of The Kindred Clothing Co.’s operations take place in the studio. We always have something on the go around here. That includes managing our retail space.

We’re not just online anymore! The boutique retail shop in the front of our studio features items from the current line, a fun photo wall for your insta-feeds, and an open-workplace feel to show where we make it all happen.

We’re located right in the heart of Downtown Abbotsford too, so you can grab your doughnut from Duft and Co., coffee from Old Hand, then stroll the farmers market and stop in to check out the current line of ridiculously cute kids clothes (and clothes for moms too!).

Go ahead — park your car and hang out awhile.


Images by Taylor Reign Photography

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