5 Quick Tips for Getting Outside with your Littles

Just because the summer is coming to an end doesn’t mean the adventures need to stop. There’s still plenty of sun left to absorb, and plenty of world out there to explore.

[Image via @ourtinykin featuring our Born to Explore T-shirt]

We’ve collected some of our favourite tips for getting outside with your littles while staying comfortable, stylish, and safe.


Go ahead, wade in with the right footwear

When we go beach hunting we make sure to bring the right shoes for the job. We can barely get Wynnie out of the car before she’s racing to the water’s edge, so we make sure her shoes can keep up.

When you’re going from gravel to sand to water and rocks the best shoes for tiny feet are versatile.

These ones from Native shoes are our first choice. The lightweight, breathable design makes them great for even the sunniest day, while the upper lets water roll right through. No more waterlogged sneakers in this house.


Keep the sun, skip the burn: cover up

There’s nothing like playing all day in the sun only to discover the late summer sun was harsher than you thought. Sunscreen helps, but we could all use a break in the shade now and then.

Hats with a sturdy brim give full face protection and keep kids from toddler to youth shaded all day long.

A bonnet is great for windy days or fidgety fingers. It protects the ears and it stays put! Our 5-panel hats work great for the big kids!

Still too hot? Dunk these hats in some cold water and toss ‘em back on for an instant cool down.


Time to hike in comfort and layers

Have you looked outside lately? There’s a whole world waiting to be discovered. We’re lucky enough to live on the beautiful West Coast in British Columbia, so we can go from the ocean to the top of a mountain in the same day. And we do!

Hiking with littles requires a bit more planning, especially if they’re too young to keep up for the whole trip. Time to strap on the baby carrier and think about layers.

Layers for you because taking a pullover off once your little is strapped in the baby carrier is a challenging process.

For the kids: think about comfy, lightweight sleeves (we humbly suggest the Raglan Pullover). Once they warm up from all the exploring, take ‘em down to a T-shirt (but keep the pullover handy — it’s always colder at the summit).

[Image via @lovinglocal featuring our Born to Explore Pullover]

And always choose lightweight, breathable fabrics made from real stuff to keep you comfy and cool all day long.


Snack smart

Outdoor adventures are only as good as the snacks. Trying to pack light and healthy can be a challenge sometimes — what’s convenient isn’t necessarily the best fuel for little bodies.

We try to stick to real food like these organic snacks from Love Child Organics. They’re a local food and snack business that prides itself on using real ingredients and nothing extra in their products.


Plus they taste great!

Don’t cut the exploration short; healthy snacks plus plenty of water make for a totally fueled adventure.


Add some dirt

The number one tip for getting outside with your littles is about getting messy. With kids we’ve become firm believers that life is too short to stay squeaky clean. That’s why we have a washing machine and a tub.

[Image via @ourtinykin featuring our discontinued Be Brave Pullover and Feather Leggings]

It’s time to crawl through the leaves, make sand angels on the beach, barrel roll down a hill, and wipe the mud on your pants.

We design clothes with your littles in mind — built to keep up with whatever mess they manage to get into.

Now that you’ve got the right equipment, it’s time to get on with the adventure. Make it a good one!

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