Let's Collaborate!

Let's Collaborate!

Little Gem and the Value of Working Together

[Little Gem Pullover pictured with Minimoc and Arrow & Lace Designs]


Did you see the new 'Little Gem' Pullover we launched a few weeks ago? We had the pleasure of collaborating with Codi Lynn of Creative Wife and Joyful Worker to create a precious gem-themed baby shower for the latest issue of I Like Her Style Vancouver.
Little Gem Baby Shower
[photo via I Like Her Style Vancouver by Julie Christine Photography]


It was so much fun to think of products for such a ridiculously cute theme. CW & JW designed the graphic and elements for the event. We were contacted to execute the graphic on our raglan pullover and wall decals (available by special request).
[photo via I Like Her Style Vancouver by Julie Christine Photography]
We shared the photos on our social media, making sure to tag CW & JW and the magazine. They did the same. Our networks were connected and inspired with some fantastic ideas for a baby shower that truly rocks!
It wasn’t our first collaboration like this. We’ve already teamed up with local businesses like Oldhand Coffee to produce Oldhand branded L&L pullovers and we have more collaborations like this in the works!
[photo via Oldhand Coffee]
We've also collaborated with other great brands like Rachel Rainbow to bring you unique mermaid and unicorn themed gift sets and stellar giveaways.
Most recently, we collaborated with Minimoc to put on our 5th massive Warehouse Sale for our local fans and customers. 

Making Beautiful Things in Abbotsford

This story of collaboration is not unique to those of us doing business here in Abbotsford. Everywhere you turn there’s a new partnership popping up, often between companies and brands that would traditionally be in competition.
But not here.
It’s why we can move onto the block with Precious Kargo down the street and Montrose and George around the corner. We’re all in this together.
There’s this block party vibe where everyone comes out to say hi. And that’s what matters to us.
As a designer, and member of this community, I’m not here to compete. I just want to make beautiful things and have people like them.
Working Together; Succeeding Together
Little and Lively is all about supporting our Downtown Abbotsford community, and we’re seeing this trend pop up a lot more in the way businesses operate in their communities.
It’s about buying local, supporting your community, and connecting with people.
We want to feel close to the things we buy, and who we buy from.
Collaborations let us source local products and boost each other up by bringing our networks together.
Little and Lively is always looking for new ways to work with local businesses. We want to see more activity, more people, and more enjoyment. Have an idea? Let’s talk about it!
We’re doing business here, all of us, because we care about this community. It’s such a supportive, collaborative network and we’re happy to plug into it.

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