FW2016 Kids Fashion Forecast

Baby & Kids Trends for 2016

It is our goal and passion to dress your littles in stylish apparel that you can feel proud of! While we are already hard at work creating a stunning FW2016 collection, we thought it would be great to let you in on some of our research and a sneak peak at what baby and children's fashions will be coming out this FALL from Little & Lively!

Here are some of the key trends we've identified for this coming Fall/Winter season:

Winter Prairie

Frosty prarie styles will be composed of muted palettes of natural colors – beige, cream, mauve, sand, and coffee. Minimalistic powdery hues combine with airy feminine silhouettes like grassland fairies. Deep lilac and mauve shades fuse on a canvas of endless pastures.

[photo via http://www.coroflot.com/DaisyBernt/Kidswear-Trend-Forecast-Themes-Fall-Winter-2016-17]

Little Scholars

Browns, Khaki's and chestnut tones merge with grassy and muted olive greens to re-create styles of old. Nostalgic student looks of the 60's and 70's will lend themselves to plaids and pattern knits with denim and tweeds that mix formal and casual styling together. Muted colourways tone vintage-y florals and wallpaper prints reminiscent of tactile upholstery or wallpapered surfaces.

[photo via https://www.weconnectfashion.com/articles/color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets-part-2]


Victorian Whimsy

Past times influence girls fashion, nodding to 21st century silhouettes with Victorian undertones. Floral prints and textures appear to have been sourced from the archive, characterized by interior-look patterns. Antiqued aesthetics with aged upholstery effects are key with touches of jewel shades or metallic hints for richness. Watercolour, line art, handwriting and sketches are elements that add whimsy to this traditionally formal aesthetic. 

[photo via Aristocrat Kids]


Purely Primal

Tribal minimalism in stark shades of black & white will reoccur this season with a stripped back sophistication. Steel greys, moody blues and smoky violets add flecks of colour to this monochromatic palette. Geometrics merge with mod design and pattern.

[photo via http://www.coroflot.com/DaisyBernt/Kidswear-Trend-Forecast-Themes-Fall-Winter-2016-17]


Botanical Hues

Inspired by woodland environments at dusk, spruce, ultramarine and olive greens abound in lush palettes. Nightly, woodland animals take comfort in the blue-infused greens that exist in in the hours before dawn. Whimsical florals will exhibit plumb and frost-bitten mauves as winter berries and rich topiaries abound in the wild gardens and forests of fairytales.  

[photos via https://www.weconnectfashion.com/articles/color-trends-f-w-2016-17-all-markets] 



1. Kitschy prints from last season give way to whimsical motifs of floral and fauna.

2. Styling inspiration from the Victorian era as well as the 60's and 70's.

3. Frost-bitten neutrals and botanical hues will combine in regal compositions.

4. Shades of black and grey will dominate in monochromatic palettes.

5. A notion of imagination and adventure reminiscent of woodland fairytales and stories of old. 


We are excited to use this valuable research to bring you the most stunning, high-quality collection of baby and kids clothing yet! Stay tuned for sneak peeks at our creative process throughout the summer. Our next collection launches in September!


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