My Little & Lively Studio Space

For those of you who don't know, Little & Lively is a home-based business. There are aspects of our production that are outsourced (like the sewing part) but other than that, it all happens right here, in our home! This is the second post in a series of blog posts which offers a behind the scenes look at Little & Lively, our workspace and how our products are made!

First of all, I'd like to share my Little & Lively studio and explain why it is such a special and perfect space. 

The bright open room offers lots of space for whatever needs to be done, whether it is packing up boxes of wholesale orders or ironing and tagging large batches of products. We'll generally pull out long folding tables to expand the workspace as needed.

My husband has built three large, deep, modular storage compartments to utilize the under-stair space in the best way!

The modular storage compartments are on rolling castors so that I can pull them completely out and re-configure the work space in whichever way is most convenient on that day.

My studio overlooks our back yard where my oldest daughter, Daphne often plays so I can keep an eye on her while getting things done. 

Most of the furnishings are thrifted and refinished. The 'Studio' sign is from London Fields Shoppe and the hanging air plant is from Cannor Nursery in Abbotsford.

But lets get real. My studio doesn't usually look that neat and tidy! Above is what I'd like it to look like on a daily basis but in reality, it is most often characterized by boxes of product, clothing piled high, an ironing board and packing supplies! Here's a more realistic view of the studio configured to fill orders on a typical day.

Oh and one other thing that makes my at-home studio totally special is the presence of my kids! My youngest, Wynnie happily hangs out in the Jolly Jumper as I work!

If you want to find out more about Little & Lively, you can read about our little family and how our products are made

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